Cloud Middleman

What is Cloud Middleman?

Cloud Middleman is a web-based logging HTTP/HTTPS proxy, like Wireshark, Charles, or Fiddler. However, instead of running a local service, Cloud Middleman will proxy your connections via a VPN connection that you establish to our servers. This allows Cloud Middleman to inspect traffic from any authenticated device, including HTTPS traffic!

Getting started with Cloud Middleman is easy. Just create an account, and log into the dashboard. From there, create a new Device profile, and an invitation will automatically be sent to an email address of your choice. Then, open the email on the device of your choice and follow the directions to connect and authenticate with our proxy server. You'll be able to see your device's live traffic on the dashboard.

All traffic sent via this VPN is subject to logging, including background traffic from things like apps running on your device. Under no circumstances should you do anything sensitive, like shopping online or banking, while the Cloud Middleman VPN is enabled. Ideally, you should use a testing-only device, or failing that ensure that you utilize the whitelist feature to narrowly scope what domains should be logged, so as to limit logging of sensitive traffic.