Cloud Middleman

Using Cloud Middleman on Android

How to configure your Android device to log traffic

You will need the Strongswan VPN Client.

Step 1: Install the CA

If you configure Cloud Middleman device to only log traffic from certain domains, Cloud Middleman will generate a CA for use with this device. Otherwise, we will show you a link to our general root CA. In either case, click the link on the invitation screen to download this. Make sure you install the certificate system-wide, not just in Strongswan (which might attempt to handle the installation):

Download the certificate (without running it) On your phone, navigate to Settings > Security and select "Install from Storage" Select the downloaded certificate and follow any instructions You may be asked for a "Credential Storage" password -- this is a password specific to your device, we can't help you with that one. Some phones will have a password protecting their Credential Storage, some won't.

Step 2: Download and install the Strongswan Profile

Android devices will be offered a .sswan file for download. This is a preconfigured profile for Strongswan, including the necessary certificates. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the profile
  2. Open the downloaded profile with Strongswan when prompted
  3. Tap the button labelled "Import Certificate From VPN Profile"
  4. Enter the password provided on the invitation screen.
  5. Some Android devices may ask for a password to unlock your Credential Storage; this will be a password that you set on your device.
  6. In the next prompt, tap "Allow" (not "Install").
  7. Finally, tap on "Import" at the top right.

Now, you can tap on your saved configuration to connect to Cloud Middleman and start logging your phone's traffic. You'll need to browse to one of your whitelisted domains and accept the dialog before logging starts though. And, as always, remember to turn off the VPN when you're done!

Trouble connecting? See the Troubleshooting Cloud Middleman article.