Cloud Middleman

Using Cloud Middleman on iOS

Directions for installing a Cloud Middleman device profile

If you select iOS or macOS as your Device OS, you can configure Cloud Middleman just by downloading and installing (via tapping or double-clicking) the device profile. This will:

  • Add an authentication certificate
  • Install the Cloud Middleman CA certificate
  • Configure your device's VPN to add a Cloud Middleman connection

Since iOS 10.3, you are also required to manually trust the CA certificate included in the profile. Just navigate to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings and enable the newly-installed CA.

After installing the bundle, you can navigate to Settings > General > VPN and turn on the newly-added VPN configuration. Then, browse to one of your allowed domains (or any domain if you allowed all of them) and accept the dialog to start logging traffic to Cloud Middleman!

Trouble connecting? See the Troubleshooting Cloud Middleman article.