Cloud Middleman
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Team-based remote debugging

Use Cloud Middleman to recruit testers and start debugging traffic across all of your team’s devices. Easily share session data with your fellow developers and get help whenever you need it.

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Deploy Instantly - No Downloads

With a cloud-based interface, you can start debugging web traffic in minutes without installing any software. You or your testers simply connect to Cloud Middleman from anywhere in the world and you'll be inspecting traffic instantly.

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Open to automation

Leverage thousands of Zapier integrations to send session data to Slack, Trello, email, or wherever you need it. Cloud Middleman lets you automate your workflows to make team debugging fast and efficient

Just connect and inspect

Learn more about Cloud Middleman

What is Cloud Middleman?

Cloud Middleman is the only HTTP traffic debugger that runs in the cloud. It’s like the desktop software you’re already familiar with - except you don’t have to install anything on your dev machine, and you can sniff traffic from any device, anywhere in the world. Cloud Middleman is the only team-based remote traffic debugger with time saving integrations and workflow automations

Who is Cloud Middleman for?

CM is for developers and development teams who not only need to debug traffic on their own devices, but also easily remote debug team devices across the organization. Whether it’s someone in marketing, sales, or IT, CM’s team based remote debugging features make it easy to inspect and debug any team device no matter where it is in the world.

How is Cloud Middleman different from existing web-debugging proxies?

Since CM runs in the cloud, it can do much more than traditional desktop traffic debuggers. Regular traffic debuggers are silo’ed to one developer, limited to certain platforms, offer no sharing or collaboration features, and have no way to get the data out to your other web services. CM changes all of this with powerful team based remote debugging and thousands of data integrations through Zapier.

How can I use Cloud Middleman with a team?

Through CM’s interface you can safely and securely invite a team member to share their device’s traffic. You can watch it in real time or simply view the saved session at a later date. Want to share a recorded session with your fellow developers? No problem, simply send them a sessions-unique URL and you can have help anywhere, anytime.