Cloud Middleman

Configuring a Cloud Middleman VPN Connection

General instructions for configuring your Cloud Middleman connection.

Here are some general instructions for configuring a VPN connection to Cloud Middleman:

  1. Download the Cloud Middleman CA Certificate, or the restricted CA certificate for your allowed domains if you specified any (provided in the invitation dialog).

  2. Download the certificate bundle, a link to which will be provided when a new device is created on the dashboard.

  3. Install the certificate with the provided password

  4. Configure a VPN connection using the following settings.

  • VPN Type: IKEv2
  • Authentication Mode: Machine certificate
  • Server Address:
  • Remote Identifier:
  • Local Identifier: device<nn> (will be available when you download the certificate)
  • Machine Certificate: (the certificate you downloaded)

After this, you should be able to open a connection and start logging traffic.